Die Fledermaus (Arcola Theatre)

Ever had too much to drink on a night out?

Ever had your friends film your idiotic behaviour – superhero costume and all – and then put it on YouTube?

Follow Falke’s attempt to get back at his mate Eisenstein after one too many in this contemporary re-imagining of Johann Strauss’s classic Die Fledermaus.


Our new production of Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus has been cut to approximately an hour, with a new modern English libretto by Baseless Fabric Artistic Director Joanna Turner, and the music re-written for violin, accordion and bassoon by Leo Geyer. Though originally created with London high streets in mind, we are re-imagining it again for the Arcola Theatre to be part of their prestigious Grimeborn Opera Festival! This will give us an exciting creative challenge in how to adapt our very contemporary London version for the theatre space while also giving audiences a chance to experience it with a glass of wine in a trendy London theatre!

This production follows on from the success of our two previous operas Drifting Dragons (which we also took to Grimeborn in 2016) and Cosi Fan Tutte (OffWestEnd Award Finalist for Best Opera Production). As with those productions we’ve also had an extensive outreach programme for Die Fledermaus for young people and the elderly so our indoor version at the Arcola will enable those not physically able to follow us down the high street an opportunity to see the whole performance too. 

Die Fledermaus (‘The Bat’ or Bat Man!) is a hugely fun, often silly story with some brilliant characters and very catchy tunes. Come join us at the Arcola and experience our radical re-imagining in a completely different light! 


Performance Dates

Date Time Location Book Online
Tue 6th Aug 8.00pm Arcola Theatre
24 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL
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Wed 7th Aug 8.00pm Arcola Theatre
24 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL
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Creative Team

Leo Geyer – Arranger/MD
Joanna Turner – Director & Librettist
Marina Hadjilouca – Designer
Lavinia Serban – Stage Manager
Jack Weir Lighting Designer


Claire Wild – Rosalinde
Abigail Kelly – Adele
David Horton – Eisenstein
James McOran-Campbell – Falke
Alistair Ollerenshaw – Falke (R&D)


Leo Geyer – Bassoon
Henry Rankin – Violin 
Ilona Suomalainen – Accordion


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