So which superhero are you?

We had a great time in our Research & Development rehearsals and sharing last week. Thank you to everyone who came along to see what we’ve been up to so far and give feedback. As well as working hard on the music, staging the scenes and making sure the storyline is clear we also asked our singers a few questions to help you get to know them….

Die Fledermaus R&D

We have a superhero theme to Die Fledermaus. If you could be any superhero who would you be and why?

Claire Wild: I want to be the invisible one from Fantastic Four for a million reasons really, but mostly to be sneaky and overhear conversations.

David Horton: Nightcrawler because he can teleport and is super agile and I’m neither of those things!

Alistair Ollerenshaw: Spiderman – to be super agile and be able to swing from buildings.

Abigail Kelly: Scarlet Witch as she is possibly the most powerful being in the Marvel universe.


Die Fledermaus R&D

In Die Fledermaus Adele pretends to be a celebrity. So if you could be any Hollywood celebrity who would you be?

David: Christopher Walken because I love the way he speaks.

Claire: Eva Green, because everyone wants to be a Bond girl!

Alistair: Idris Elba because he is just cool!

Abigail: Angela Bassett, because she is amazing!

Die Fledermaus R&D

What’s the best fancy dress costume you have ever worn?

Claire: A shark attack costume where I was being eaten by a shark.

Alistair: I was wrapped up as a mummy, and yes it did fall apart.

David: We had a house party with the theme of the letter S. My flatmates and I were all Smurfs painted in blue paint, and it went all over the walls and we didn’t get our deposit back.

Abigail: Lucas from Stranger Things


Die Fledermaus R&D

What’s your favourite opera?

Claire & Alistair: La Boheme

David: Madame Butterfly

Abigail: Probably Don Giovanni – the music is beautiful but the story is troublesome.

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