Opera Taster Workshops

Since 2016 we have run a programme of successful complimentary Opera Taster Workshops at local schools in collaboration with our local Music Education Hubs, Merton Music Foundation and more recently, also Wandsworth Music Service. Together with the hubs, local schools are offered an introduction to opera workshop in our fun, modern, accessible Baseless Fabric style. Led by a professional drama practitioner, music practitioner and opera singer, students learn about opera, hear a professional opera singer sing live right in front of them (often for the first time) and sing and act out the characters from a section of a classic opera themselves.

Tailored for both primary and secondary schools, these workshops receive universally positive feedback from teachers and often have a waiting list of over 30 schools. Meanwhile, student feedback is equally wonderful. Last year 99% of students said that they liked the workshop with 81% of those saying they loved it. 85% of students said that after the workshop they would now definitely attend or consider attending an opera!


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