Our school parallel productions of Die Fledermaus

We are thrilled to announce a new and exciting aspect of the Die Fledermaus project!

St Teresa’s Primary School opera workshop

As well as our professional cast performing our re-imagined version of Die Fledermaus in summer 2019, we will also have two groups of young people creating their own new versions of this classic opera as part of an ongoing youth opera project! The two groups, one primary and one secondary, will meet up fortnightly January – July 2019 with our professional music and drama practitioners to learn to sing and act out songs and scenes from the opera as well as writing new scenes, songs and perhaps even new characters to create their very own brand new show inspired by the opera. The fortnightly sessions will then lead to a week’s rehearsal and performance in the summer holidays so that the groups can show their ‘parallel productions’ to parents, teachers and the professional cast! Following which the groups will come to see our professional production to experience seeing a professional opera and hearing professional opera singers live and up close – and to be able to compare the professional version to their own!

For these exciting parallel productions we are delighted to be partnering yet again with the wonderful local childrens’ charity Jigsaw4u for our primary school production at Cranmer Primary School in Mitcham and forming a new partnership with St John Bosco College in Battersea for our secondary school production.

We can’t wait to see what the groups come up with in their sessions and how their parallel productions develop over the course of the project!



Having worked in partnership with Baseless Fabric for several years, Jigsaw4u are delighted to be collaborating on the Die Fledermaus School Opera Project. The previous one-day workshops Baseless Fabric provided Jigsaw4u young people with resulted in them learning new skills and increasing their confidence – we cannot wait to see what our group will achieve with a longer term teaching and direction.

Stephen Loizou
Managing Director – Jigsaw4u

Students workshop at St Marks Academy


“Here at St John Bosco College, we are so excited to have the opportunity to work with Baseless Fabric on the Die Fledermaus School Opera Project. Music and Drama have long faced cuts across education and it’s amazing to have an opportunity like this to bring these subjects back into schools alongside curriculum provision.”

William Dallman
Head of Music – St John Bosco College



Cranmer Primary School

“I am so excited for Cranmer to have been chosen for this amazing project. What a great opportunity for the children to do something completely different, and the fact that the project is funded by Wimbledon Foundation means that it is inclusive and accessible to all our children.”

Lou Fryer
Music Co-ordinator – Cranmer Primary School

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