Drifting Dragons

Drifting Dragons at Morrisons

Drifting Dragons at Morrisons

We received funding from the Arts Council, Philip Bates Trust and The Humphrey Richardson Taylor Charitable Trust to create the full production of a new opera by Greg Harradine ‘Drifting Dragons’ in town centre locations across the borough of Merton during summer 2016 and also at the Grimeborn Festival at the Arcola Theatre.

You can see a sneak peek of the show in the video by clicking here.

Drifting Dragons in Mitcham

Drifting Dragons in Mitcham

Sadie is the red dragon. Jason is the green dragon. It’s been that way since nursery. But now as they edge towards their late twenties, their lives pull them in different directions. Will their friendship suffer a final, fatal rupture, or endure stronger than ever? Inspired by real issues of real Merton people we’ve spoken to, this new opera puts modern friendship under the microscope, examining the pressures that push some relationships to breaking point, and the joys that sustain others despite the odds.

Drifting Dragons is an opera about everyday life that was performed in everyday locations along the high street. The free unticketed performances took place on the street.


Drifting Dragons at Dalston Square, Grimeborn Festival

Drifting Dragons at Dalston Square, Grimeborn Festival

Brilliantly clever staging around Dalston Square with a fountain and a bus stop acting as the perfect performance spot.- , Everything Theatre
This is a unique company that create unique experiences- , Everything Theatre
A beautiful ode to friendship between changing lives. With a relatable storyline and excellent performances, it is an ideal public opera.- , Theatre Bubble
The music, while unconventionally bare and folk-like for opera, is beautiful – tonal and melodious.- , Theatre Bubble
The staging of this production, directed by Joanna Turner, is fantastic- , Everything Theatre


Creative Team

Greg Harradine – Composer
Joanna Turner – Director


Felicity Buckland – Sadie
Louis Hurst – Jason
Nicholas Morton – Dan


Julia Stone – Violinist
Greg Harradine – Guitarist & Composer


Blog Posts from the show


DATES: 26th July – 31st July 2016
There were ten performance locations across the Merton borough and two performances as part of the Arcola Theatre’s Grimeborn Opera Festival in Hackney.

Date Time Starting Location Area Post Code / Map Link
Tue 26th 2.30pm Wyevale Garden Centre Cafe Lower Morden SM4 4SJ
Tue 26th 5.30pm The Gorringe Park Pub Tooting Station SW17 9HW
Wed 27th 2.30pm M&S Cafe, The Qube Centre Colliers Wood SW19 1DD
Wed 27th 5.30pm Cafe La Lavella Morden SM4 5HT
Thu 28th 1.00pm New Horizon Centre Cafe Pollards Hill CR4 1LT
Thu 28th 5.30pm Station Starbucks Raynes Park SW20 0JY
Fri 29th 2.30pm Tag Elezz Cafe Mitcham Cafe opposite Wimbledon Guild shop
Fri 29th 5.30pm Patisserie Valerie Wimbledon Town Centre SW19 1QB
Sat 30th 3.30pm Dalston Square Grimeborn Opera Festival E8 3BQ
Sat 30th 6pm Dalston Square Grimeborn Opera Festival E8 3BQ
Sun 31st 2pm Saucer & Cup Wimbledon Park SW19 8AD
Sun 31st 5pm Maison St Cassien Wimbledon Village SW19 5EE


Our Supporters for this Production


Supported by Arts Council England

supported by The Humphrey Richardson Taylor Charitable Trust

Philip Bates Trust