Which Cosi character would you most like to go on a date with?

Did you miss out on seeing the R&D preview of our Cosi Fan Tutte Street Opera a couple of weeks ago? Well, do not fear, we asked our team a few quick questions so you could get to know them…

Which Cosi character would you most like to go on a date with?

Nick Morris (Guglielmo): Dorabella; she’d force me to try harder

Lisa Howarth (Fiordiligi): Ferrando, without a doubt. Obviously, I’m biased, but who could resist the tenor line in the tender, beautiful, amazing duet that sparks off ‘per pieta’? (Fiordiligi’s aria)

Simon Gfeller (Ferrando): Despina. She seems fun, intelligent, cunning and down to earth! We’d get along I think!

Olivia Jarvis (Violin): I couldn’t date any of them – they all have severe relationship issues….

Felicity Buckland (Dorabella): Urgh, no thank you, they’re all losers.


Have you ever played a trick on someone or made a bet with a friend?

Leo Geyer (Arranger/MD/Bassoon): When I was a kid, my brother and I used to pull pranks. One of my most memorable was planting exploding soap in the bathroom. My mum was not so much of a fan though…

Felicity: April Fool’s Day prank on my brother, involving a matchbox full of flour, a piece of string and the top of a door…

Nick: Hopefully not anything that’s done any lasting damage

Olivia: Made a bet with a friend to see who could get to a handstand first – still on going…


If you were putting on a disguise/costume, who or what would you most like to look like?

Simon: As a child, I was a big fan of Indiana Jones so I guess that for me an ideal costume would be a cool and scruffy leather jacket with a cowboy hat and of course, Indiana Jones’ famous whip!

Leo: I imagine the musicians as French street musicians, so I think it would be fun to dress in a striped top and a beret!

Felicity: Meg from Disney’s Hercules!

Lisa: I’d most like to look like Audrey Hepburn, but no disguise is going to manage that! For disguise, probably a pirate, like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Olivia: Titania – from Midsummer Night’s Dream. I think being a fairy queen is a good way to spend a day.

Nick: Flashheart from Blackadder – I’d like to behave without worrying about the consequences. And moustaches are brilliant.


Describe your Cosi character or the character of your instrument in 3 words.

Lisa: Sincere, passionate, youthful

Felicity: Fun-loving, passionate, attention-seeking

Olivia: Busker, provoking, moody

Nick: Slowly uncovering himself


If you hadn’t become a Singer/Instrumentalist, what job would you be doing?

Simon: History teacher. I am a big fan of history and of the way the past has a strong influence on how people and societies behave now. I was lucky enough to have fantastic History teachers that made the subject fun and engaging.

Leo: I wanted to be a musician from when I was quite young, but I did toy with the idea of becoming an interior designer briefly!

Olivia: Probably something in languages or a full time yoga teacher

Lisa: I’d be an author, or an academic (with a huge splash of luck!)

Felicity: Historical costumier!

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