Opera Club is underway at Links Primary

Since the start of term the hallways have been ringing with the Habanera at Links Primary School as our latest community project gets underway.

Each week a group of children attend an After School Opera Club run by Baseless Fabric and in partnership with Jigsaw4U. Our fantastic facilitators Bimpe Adeyemi and Ruth Routledge are working with the children to teach them about Bizet’s Carmen, and support them in creating and writing their own show inspired by the opera.

Ruth Routledge

Bimpe Adeyemi








The children will work with Bimpe and Ruth over the next two terms singing, acting, writing and devising together. Their work will culminate in a performance in July for family, friends, teachers and for the team of performers and creatives working on Baseless Fabric’s professional production of Carmen. 

In turn the opera club will take a trip to watch our professional Carmen production and see Baseless Fabric in action popping up on the high street.

We are looking forward to seeing how the children grow and learn over the course of this 7-month project and can’t wait for the performance of their Carmen-inspired creation in July.

A massive thank you to the Wimbledon Foundation and Three Monkies Trust for supporting this project.