So that you can get to know #TeamDieFledermaus we thought we’d ask our brilliant singers a few questions about their characters:


What would your character have in their supermarket shopping trolley?

Falke: Vodka and crisps

Rosalinde: Nappies, formula, Pinot Grigio

Eisenstein: Stella and nappies

Adele: Smashed avocado, honey flavoured lockets, sugar free red bull


What would your character listen to on Spotify:

Rosalinde: Ministry of Sound Summer Ibiza Classics 2015 (re-living the good old days!)

Adele: Rhianna

Eisenstein: Childish gambino

Falke: Stormzy


What would your character drink in the pub?

Rosalinde: G&T

Adele: Prosecco

Falke: Negroni

Eisenstein: Beer


If they could look like any celebrity who would they like to be:

Adele: Rhianna (obviously)

Falke: Aidan Turner

Eisenstein: Robert Downey Jr

Rosalinde: Angelina Jolie

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