App Support

We have created an iPhone & Android mobile app for our production of ‘A Secret Life’. We will be emailing details to audience members soon on how to download and install the app ready for the production.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the production use all my data?
You do need to download the production initially which is 110MB (0.11 GB) but you can do this from home on your home WiFi. During the show, the app uses a very small amount of data (approximately the same as downloading one email on your phone).

It’s saying the app is not supported by my phone
Unfortunately, your phone is not supported by our app because your phone is too old. If you do have another phone that you could borrow for the show that would be good, alternatively please contact us below as we may have a way to help.

I have a phone on a foreign network but I don’t want to use the data
Please see the above question, if this is still an issue please contact us and we may be able to help.

ANDROID: I download the production but when I come back to the production it keeps saying I need to download it again
This is currently an issue we are working on. At the moment, the only solution is to un-install the app and try again. To verify it has downloaded correctly, once the audio has downloaded, navigate back to the event list page and then back to the production. If the production asks you to download again then you would need to un-install the app and try again, if it says you’re ready and good to go then you’re set and don’t have the issue.


If you require help or support for our mobile app please contact us here: